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Product Name: Professional Mixer
Product Code: MG-12
1.Blue/Grey/Silver colour selectable.
2.LCD display
3.USB Supported.
4.3 pin power plug & power output .
5.4-16 channels and 5-7 bands selectable.
6.Able to withstand Voltage Fluctuation 100-240V.
7.Input Sensitivity MIC: 60dB, Line: 20dB, Effect Ret: -20dB, Tape In:-20dB.
8.Effects: Echo 12ms-200ms.
9.Groups: 2
10.Output Voltage: 4V Max
11.S/N Ratio: >85dB
12.Less Than(THD): 0.03%(1KHz Full Power)
13.Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz?¡À3dB.
14.Headphone Output: 7V 220